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  2. Hi everyone, i'm looking for a teammate/team for the mongol rally 2018 who would like to do this trip on a bike. I'm from Switzerland and i'm a good motocrossrider and i did a lot of travelling in my van with my dog around Europe. Doing the mongol rally has been my dream for years, and doing it on a bike would be a whole other challenge. Hope to have some luck here
  3. Hi Jim Did Jo Answer this in Whatsapp for you? if you managed to find out, could you post how it was resolved here for others?
  4. There has been a suggestion that vehicles being driven on export plates in the rally have ongoing issues at the border crossings as guards are worried the vehicles will be left in their country my questions are 1 Is this still true? i would have thought there would be plenty of vehicles traveling on export plates through the region 2 What is the actual issue you likely encounter at a border 3 Being a Rally vehicle and all sign written, Not a typical car do these still have the same issues? 4 What countries are the worst with the holdups at the border crossing/ 5 If you have used export plates could you also advise on your experience and the countries you passed through. 6 with Re-registering a vehicle to UK plates does the vehicle actually have to be complied or go thru any special inspections in the uk to get re registered or is it a simply forms process Thanks for the help Jim
  5. Hi Ben Keep checking back regularly. I found my team mate from this forum back on 2009.
  6. Hey boys and girls, we are a two-man-team (33 y'old) based in braunschweig, germany and looking for some company for the trip. Maybe we can found some local people. Our plan is to drive over Turkey, Azerbaijan, set over to turkmenistan via ferry, uzbekistan, and so on .... but we are open for everything ;). Cheers, Ben
  7. Can I enter any car and what are the rules on roadworthyness. I was looking buyer and old Volvo Estate or Vauxhall Omega for about £300 and running with that. Is this ok, obviously I want it to be in pretty good nick, but the engine might not pass emissions of maybe there is a perished bush or something trivial. Is there any guidelines?
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