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  2. hi i love traveling and searching for a rally competition please let me know where can i dinf u for rally also i have toorearzanekusadasi
  3. Hi everyone, i'm looking for a teammate/team for the mongol rally 2018 who would like to do this trip on a bike. I'm from Switzerland and i'm a good motocrossrider and i did a lot of travelling in my van with my dog around Europe. Doing the mongol rally has been my dream for years, and doing it on a bike would be a whole other challenge. Hope to have some luck here
  4. Can I enter any car and what are the rules on roadworthyness. I was looking buyer and old Volvo Estate or Vauxhall Omega for about £300 and running with that. Is this ok, obviously I want it to be in pretty good nick, but the engine might not pass emissions of maybe there is a perished bush or something trivial. Is there any guidelines?
  5. Hello everyone, I want to undertake this adventure in 2015. I have a huge stamina for driving, thirst for adventure and respect for team and teamwork. I am in London so anyone from London will be ideal but a good team player from anywhere is equally appreciated. I look forward to hearing from you guys.
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