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    Hi Ken Thanks for your post. Stick with it, i found a team mate here back in 2008. If people can reach you then you may get someone contact you. I had the same issue is that nobody would commit. I believe in just doing it. If it's something you would love to do then all you have to do is say "Yes, I am gonna do that" I have done the rally twice, most recent was this year and loved it. So if you have any questions then please feel free to ask. cheers Steve
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    Ok I have gotten an answer for you. Best advice is always follow the british foreign office website, its updated daily. Here is the map for Iran today: Basic rules are don't go near Iraqi, afghan or pakistani borders, other than that, stick north as its safer and enjoy one of the most beautiful countries in the region!
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    Hi everyone! My name is Haven, I'm 50% of 'Team Hyperfocal Distance' (it's a camera term and we're both cameramen... it was funny at the time). We have the added challenge that both of us can only get 3 weeks off work (I work in Hong Kong and Ian works in Ireland) so... no pressure! Looking forward to meeting you all at some point!
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    ok cool. thanks and I will be back in touch. just a quick aside do you think it will probably be around the £800 mark?? we would still be able to work with your charity on the matter despite its age?
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    Bonjour & hola ! I will be participating in the Mongolia Charity Rally this year with my boyfriend Antoni, as the 'Operation Gobi' team. We are an international team as he is from Majorca and I am from France ! It's our first time doing a rally, but I drove around Australia for almost 1 year a few years ago. I am looking forward to road trippin again, for a good cause this time. We will be taking the north route: Latvia, Russia, Kazakhstan & Mongolia. Hopefully we'll make friends in the process: on the road and amongst the teams. We are looking forward to exchange with you guys ! Our Facebook page: Our website:
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    Thank you very much! Have a nice evening! Arne
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    Yes, I am afraid I have some problems navigating on these new pages. Arne
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    Hello from Norway! We are "Brothers to Mongoila". Ar you might guess we are brothers, Vidar, age 54 when leaving Norway and Arne, age 56. We have experience in "rallying for the ROTW in 2013 when we brought an ambulance to Dushanbe. This time we plan to take a Mercedes Sprinter Ambulance through Sweden, Finland, Russia (perhaps Kazakstan) to Mongola. Due to family- and holidayreasons we have to start a bit early, about 20. of May. We plan to go as far north as possible. Beeing that old we are not the experts in using IT-equipment, but we struggle to keep up withe the youngsters! Looking forward to start! Vidars son has made our facebookgroup "brothers to mongolia". Please take a look! Arne
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    Hello Guys, I would like to make the team and start this adventure. How we do it?? as organized ?? You have a car, I have to look for one ??
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    Hola Francesco, hi Hasim Im Jake and Im looking for a team for the rally also. I speak english, Espanol and German. How much time does everyone have to do it?
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    Hi. My name is Hasim Kovacic (42), from Bosnia. Also looking to join the team for Mongol rally 2016. Experienced driver with truck driving experience, mentally and physically fit. Like to joke and always look at things from the bright side. I always wanted to visit Mongolia and think this would be the way to visit this beautiful country.
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    Thanks Admin, I found the guide from last year ( which was very helpful! I'll start searching based on that, and I look forward to seeing the new inputs - especially the clarification about the pickups (single cab vs. double cab!).
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    Hi everyone, I too have just found this site and now trying to the Maths! ;-) Still deciding whether in a vehicle or my prefernce on a motorbike, is there anyone out there also interested in doing it on a motorbike. My partner & i may go two up, and there could be some hangers on too. Emails being sent as I type. Look foward to your replies. One question is there any limit to age, type or cc of bike?
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    i am Ankit 32 male from India so far i am a solo traveler haven't registered yet but i am firm on doing this rally so i am inviting people to form a team with me or add me in you existing team i have no previous rally experience not good with mechanics but i am committed to do the mongol rally 2016 i can be add on to the group as i am active and looking out to do this rally from past one and half years i would like to take the southern route as i fancy visiting Croatia , Montenegro , Macedonia , turkey , Georgia , azerbaijan , iran or turkmenistan ( i donot mind skipping Iran) Tajikistan and pamir , kyrgyztan , kazakhastan , uzbekistan , specially samarkand and bukhara , russia mongoia. my time line is 5 to 6 weeks i would like to explore different destinations while travelling. ideal time for me to start the visa process would be first week of january for me. if you are interested in joining me as a fellow team mate pm me or comment on this or mail me at
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    Hi! Thanks for posting. You certainly can keep your car at the end of all three rallies we run, the Mongolia Charity Rally, the Roof of the World Charity Rally and the MesoAmerica Charity Rally. Once you've completed the rally and collected your Charity Trophy you would then drive your car to wherever you want to go! Any other questions just drop us a line, we'd love to have you on board! Thanks for supporting Charity Rallies! Best regards, Dave.
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    This is my only current video - working on a longer, better edited version (this being my first attempt at using Movie Maker!)
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    Ha! Must be something about Kazakhstan. We got stopped for speeding in a jeep that couldn't get above 55 miles per hour - they showed us the speed gun, read 190 km/h. We looked at it and started laughing, then invited the policeman to drive our car - he was more than happy to jump in to a crazy rally jeep, and off we went. When he realised that he couldn't break the speeding limit with his foot fully depressed on the accelerator pedal and going downhill, he gave up. We drove back to his squad car, shared some sweets, had a photo and went on our way. I'm sure they were after a bribe, but all they got were some Murray Mints! :)
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    Ironically, on our second entry into Kazakhstan, a border official insisted on "helping" me fill out these forms (for a $10 USD "paperwork fee"), even though I had photocopies of the completed English and Russian versions of the forms from our first entry into Kazakhstan.