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  1. Our team has decided to try as hard as possible to drive an ambulance for the 2013 edition of the rally. I seem to remember reading that the vehicle rules in regards to ambulances are slightly different from other vehicles. Is this correct? If so, what are the rules?Also, have you got any tips / suggestions / contact to approach in regards to acquiring an ambulance? We are going in dark here, any guidance is welcomed! Thanks,Team Alpha Badger
  2. ¡Buena suerte! ¿Tienes un sitio Web? ¡Nos vemos por la carretera! Antoine.
  3. Is there an official facebook group purely for people who have signed up to the 2013 edition? Ta! -tonho51
  4. *facepalm*
  5. I looked into this and came to the conclusion that it's very hard to get an authorisation to drive through China... do let me know if you've found something though as that's a route that does attract me too! -tonho51
  6. Can you let us know when the next conference call is? Also, £4000 per team or person? I calculated about £8000 for 2 people!
  7. Hi Dan, I beleive so! I think a minimum donation of £1000 goes to Go Help, anything else can go to any other charities... I am sure one of the mods will confirm on this post soon, but that's how I understand it! I am also in the early planning stage for the 2013 edition... If everything goes well down my and your end... see you next year! Good luck! -tonho51
  8. I've done the math, and taken everything into account (entry fee, £1000 minimum fundraising, car, car parts, insurance, visas, fuel, food, accomodation, flights as the big spenders and few bits other bits and pieces). I came around the £4000 per person based on a team of 2. My first question, any veterans out there can confirm an approximate total cost of their trip? Secondly, how would you go about fundraising the event? As in, do you need to set up a savings account somewhere put all the fund collected from donations/sponsors in the account and release it as in and when we need to and any left over go to charity? My goal, should the £4000/person figure work would be to raise a minimum of £10,000, use £8,000 for the trip (inc. the £1000 fundraising required by Go Help) and the left overs (£2000) to a charity which we haven't thought of at this stage. Would that work? Anyone has any other ideas or experience from the previous years regarding this? Thanks peeps! -tonho51
  9. I know I am probably a bit early, but considering taking part in the event in 2013, are dates already out? Thanks!