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    Mercedes Sprinter Ambulance, year 2009
  1. Hello Julienne My brother and I will go about the same route as you (Norway-Sweden-Finland-Russia-perhaps Kaz. and then Mongolia). We are going in may-june, that might be a bit early for arranging a teaparty somewhere in Russia? Arne (from Norway) (Brothers to Mongolia)
  2. Hello again. Sorry to say, but I have not received anything from Jo yet. Do you know if she has tried to send me anything? Arne
  3. Thank you very much! Have a nice evening! Arne
  4. Yes, I am afraid I have some problems navigating on these new pages. Arne
  5. Thank you! Yes I have a problem setting up our fundraising page. We had one in 2013, but I think we have to set up a new one? And when signing in we did not finish the uploading of pictures an other details on the car. Bur now I can't find my way back, sorry! Can you help? It's hard getting old! Arne
  6. Hello from Norway! We are "Brothers to Mongoila". Ar you might guess we are brothers, Vidar, age 54 when leaving Norway and Arne, age 56. We have experience in "rallying for the ROTW in 2013 when we brought an ambulance to Dushanbe. This time we plan to take a Mercedes Sprinter Ambulance through Sweden, Finland, Russia (perhaps Kazakstan) to Mongola. Due to family- and holidayreasons we have to start a bit early, about 20. of May. We plan to go as far north as possible. Beeing that old we are not the experts in using IT-equipment, but we struggle to keep up withe the youngsters! Looking forward to start! Vidars son has made our facebookgroup "brothers to mongolia". Please take a look! Arne