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  1. Thanks for getting in touch! Hopefully you can find someone to team up with here or we will help you do so. We'll be opening up signup shortly.
  2. Hi! Shoot me an email - and I can give you a call. I am one of Go Help's trustees and help run the Mongolia Charity Rally, I'm based in NYC so we can connect whenever you have time. Thanks for supporting Charity Rallies! Best regards, Dave.
  3. Amy/Matt - that's awesome! Excited to have you on the Mongolia Charity Rally 2016! We are opening up signup later this month, we'll let you know when we do.We have a good system to introduce all ralliers and to help people get to know each other starting in December through launch in July so you'll have a great opportunity to meet other teams and find teams to convoy with. There isn't a set formula, some teams convoy, some teams go it alone. Thanks for supporting Charity Rallies! Best regards, Dave.
  4. Jim - start date will be first week-end in July 2016. Look forward to having you on board!
  5. Hi - we're actually the Mongolia Charity Rally run by UK charity Go Help, the Adventurists are a profit making company and run a competing event, the Mongol Rally which we are not affilated with. We have a visa sponsor that does our visas at cost, I can't speak to the Visa Machine but i believe it is one of their businesses. Good luck! Best regards, Dave.
  6. Hi! Not too late to join the 2015 rally. Email Jo (or Rally Commander) to get on the list of ralliers looking for teams ( I am also based in NYC if you want to talk, email me at Best regards, Dave.
  7. Heather! Thanks for posting. Please email so she can try to match you to a team! Please also feel free to post on our Facebook fan page at Best regards, Dave.
  8. No problem. Nothing is impossible, but we're not aware of anyone doing it but us. You would have to check the transit rules for Mongolia, again that is not an answer we have because we don't do it regularly. If you sign up to the Mongolia Charity Rally, then Go Help's Mongolia office will handle everything for you. Good luck!
  9. Hi! In short, very difficult. Charity Rallies handles car import and donation to Go Help that runs the Mongolia Charity Rally. Other rallies are no longer allowed into Mongolia, and the Mongolian authorities are all over car import. If you want to go it alone, give it a try! That's how the Mongolia Charity Rally started. That being said, much easier to have Go Help and Charity Rallies handle it. Good luck!
  10. Thanks for posting! Just tweeted this and shared it on our Facebook fan page to help you find some team-mates. Good luck! Thanks for supporting Charity Rallies! Best regards, Dave.
  11. Kris, You should email our Mongolia Charity Rally Commander Jo ( - she is based in Brussels and we have a lot of teams from Belgium who've done the rally (one that has done it three times in fact!) Best regards, Dave.
  12. Mark, Thanks for posting! Just shared this post on Twitter and on our Facebook Fan Page. Good luck finding a team! Thanks for supporting Charity Rallies! Best regards, Dave.
  13. Hey Bamabo! If you need any info from the Charity Rallies team just email - I'm one of the founders of Charity Rallies and based in NYC, we can talk anytime. Cheers. Dave.
  14. Hi! There is no formal list. We have the Rally Ride Guide here: If this doesn't answer your question then email Jo: and she will sort you out. Best regards, Dave.
  15. Hi! Thanks for posting. A lot of teams on the Mongolia Charity Rally go the Southern route through Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, across the Caspian Sea from Baku to Turkmenbashi by ferry, then Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Southern Russia and into Mongolia. This tends to avoid double entry visas being necessary for Russia. Any questions just drop us a line! The FCO currently advises as follows: The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) advise against all travel to: Crimea Donetsk oblast Lugansk oblast The FCO advise against all but essential travel to: Kharkiv oblast