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  1. HI, thanks for share this info.
  2. HI. I full agree with you. rutherford Visa's on route can work out cheaper for a few countries, yes. As an example, the Azeri visa requires a letter of offer if you apply via the London embassy. The cheapest letter of offer was over a 100 quid. I got mine in the Tbilisi embassy (Georgia, about 70 km from the Azeri border) and no letter of offer was asked for. Can't vouch for other states obviously but with that experience I'd definitely give it a go, or try to ring these embassies ahead. As of 2009 Trans Sib was £120 quid 2nd class/economy. We camped at the side of the road most nights and only went indoors when it was ridiculously cheap (eg 30 quid 5-star Hotel with B&B in Almaty). The costs when on rally in running repairs, petrol and other random shit do seem to add up.
  3. hi
  4. i full agree with you
  5. HI , I think u good photograper
  6. HI, Friend's I full agree with you.
  7. HI, Friend's I Am New User On This Forum. Welcome this forum....