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  1. Hey guys, While I'm not part of the team, I am a rally vet from last year. Im not sure on when the sign up commences for this years rally, or how much the entrance fee will be. However last year I seem to remember it being somewhere in the range of £350. The vehicle deposit was £1000 last year but it is only used if you abandon your vehicle after you enter Mongolia, or for any necessary repairs once you deliver it to the charity. Also last year the minimum the charity asked you to raise was £1000 in funds. Visa's are tricky as it depends on your route, in my team we each had to spend about £350 on visas (double entry Russia, Kazakhstan single and Mongolia single) but this was because we left it to the very last minute and for ease, paid a company to get our Russia and Kazakhstan visas on our behalf. If you get organised early you can get visa's for much cheaper. Hope it helps, any other questions you can message me or post here and I'll try to help as best I can. I know it sounds like a lot of money, and it is. But trust me, its worth every penny.
  2. On the kazak visa website it has the following In order to apply for Kazakhstan single entry business, tourist and private visas, you will need to provide the following documents: 1. A letter with a request to issue a visa addressed to the Consular Section of the Embassy of Kazakhstan. Please, indicate the purpose of your trip, your contact in Kazakhstan, the dates of your planned trip, and places to be visited. What does it mean by your contact in kazakstan? Do you HAVE to have one? Cheers guys!
  3. Hey all, Just a little confused with how the visa's work. If we are passing through a country, say russia, Entering via Ukraine and leaving via Kazahkstan can we do this on a tourist visa or do we need a transit visa? Also, does this priciple apply to all countries? Cheers
  4. Hey guys, I was just wondering what vaccines past ralliers had who were doing a route similar to ours. Croatia, Hungary, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia. I know which vaccines are recommended; Diphtheria, tetanus, polio, hepatitis A, Typhoid fever. And the ones which are to be considered; Hepatitis B, Rabies, Japanese Encephalitis, Tick Bourne Encephalitis and TB. Obviously I am going to have/already have the ones which have been recommended. But as for the other ones, they are so expensive which ones have people opted for an which have people decided risk wasn’t worth the cost? Any help or advice would be gratefully received! George
  5. Hey, Unfortunately one of our team mates has had to drop out from the rally, I was just wondering how you remove them from the team members section of the team page? Cheers!
  6. While I can totally understand that 4x4 is a great advantage, is it an absolute must? I'm looking at taking a front line ambulance such as a Renault Master I have seen however I don't think it is 4wd. Thanks guys! George
  7. GPS's are pretty expensive and being students, we're really planning to do this on a shoe string as we have no idea how much sponsorship we'll raise. Is it possible to do it with just a map and a compass? Or Do you really need the GPS? cheers for the responses guys! Very helpful!
  8. Hey all, Just a quick question. When planning the route (as I'm looking at at the moment) would you guys recommend consulting travel guides? also, are these useful to take with you? I have read on other blogs that the lonely planet ones seem to keep cropping up. Do any of you have recommendations about which ones if I should get them? Our (very rough) initial idea at a route is on our page if you need to have a look at that: The steppe brothers
  9. Hey, I was just wondering. Has an event been set up on just giving for the 2011 rally? Also when making a page I take it you put it under an organised event? Cheers
  10. I checked that out! All very useful, thank you! Im seriously considering getting trains all the way back into the UK, it'll be long, and horrible but just so i could say i'd done it and it'd be a story.
  11. We're all poor students! Lol, We're planning on camping most if not every night to cut down our costs, as well as this we're aiming at maybe getting the trans siberian railway back down to moscow to cut our costs further. Also, I have read that getting your visa's on route works out cheaper?! is this even remotely true?
  12. Thanks for that! All very useful stuff! Im So tempted to do it but im torn between that or kheading down into bejing. I think I may have to do both as I wont have anything to rush home to!
  13. That'd be brilliant Andrew! Nice to meet you two by the way, We should be signing up this weekend if there are still places left! Yeah I know that it would be a stupidly long time on the train back, but ive been on planes many times before and this may be the only chance I get in my life time to ride the trans siberian! So I'm very tempted by it if my team mates are up for it. Does anyone know about how you go about organising it? do you have to do so in advance or do you just turn up at the station proclaiming 'Take me to moscow!' at anyone that'll listen? =P cheers guys
  14. Hey! This is more a question about the route home to be honest but i think it still counts! Has any of the teams ever binned of the whole plane flight home thing and instead opted for the train (trans siberian railway) in the name of adventure? Is it even possible? and How'd you go about it? Call me crazy if you'd like but I'm planning to do the 2011 rally and am seriously considering this an option if its possible. Any help or responses would be awesome! George
  15. Thanks Dave, Yeah I saw that i was just wondering about the other costs, so if anyone reading this has done the rally in the last few years please drop me a message or something! I would be very grateful.