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  1. HI all, The Event Guide says next to bikes " No Rules "! Does this mean the age restriction does not apply ? And what is the entry fee for a bike on the 2013 rally? Cheers
  2. Hi to all, I am also keen to do the 2013 Mongolia Charity Rally.( what a buzz !!!! ) Can the vehicle details be posted on this thread ? Yes it says 9 years and younger. But,is that manafactored or UK registered ? I ask, as a suitable 4 x 4 maybe a Jap Import to the Uk. Built in say 1996 BUT,Uk registered much later. You see the issue.Would such a vehicle still qualify ? I saw an Italian team had a Pajeero in 2011.Which was older than 9 years. Did it qualify due to its " registration " date in Italy ? And what flexabilty is there relatable to the issue of age,presuming it was a regular UK car?.ie Non import. I saw in the 2011 Rally,someone did it in a 1996 van . There does seem to be some confusion and i susspect the issue is relatable to Mongolian Import Tax and the type and useabilty of the said vehicle??? Please clarify,so i can pay my Entry Fee and get this adventure on the road. Cheers in advance.