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  1. McDonalds is a good shout! Didn't think of that. We were thinking about the phantom but were worried about the border crossings and what they may say about it (especially in Russia).
  2. Howdy! We're still working on our website but our FB page is We're planning to start at the launch in July in Brussels. Unfortunately because I am Hong Kong based currently, I won't be able to make any of the prior meet ups ... saving all my leave for the trip Yes we will... also depends how many memory cards we can get hold of
  3. Hi everyone! My name is Haven, I'm 50% of 'Team Hyperfocal Distance' (it's a camera term and we're both cameramen... it was funny at the time). We have the added challenge that both of us can only get 3 weeks off work (I work in Hong Kong and Ian works in Ireland) so... no pressure! Looking forward to meeting you all at some point!