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  1. There has been a suggestion that vehicles being driven on export plates in the rally have ongoing issues at the border crossings as guards are worried the vehicles will be left in their country my questions are 1 Is this still true? i would have thought there would be plenty of vehicles traveling on export plates through the region 2 What is the actual issue you likely encounter at a border 3 Being a Rally vehicle and all sign written, Not a typical car do these still have the same issues? 4 What countries are the worst with the holdups at the border crossing/ 5 If you have used export plates could you also advise on your experience and the countries you passed through. 6 with Re-registering a vehicle to UK plates does the vehicle actually have to be complied or go thru any special inspections in the uk to get re registered or is it a simply forms process Thanks for the help Jim
  2. Hi Teams Just thought I would check as I cant see the info anywhere else as yet, but who else has signed up and committed themselves for the 2017 Rally?. We have with two teams registered there are 5 of us and we have decided to commit to two vehicles hence 2 teams, we will be traveling together and have registered as Kiwinomads1 and Kiwinomads2 . We are based out of New Zealand and keen to hear from any other teams who have entered by now. Keen to hear from anyone else who plans on going. Cheers
  3. PS if there is any info regarding likely start date for 2017 we are keen to hear it Cheers
  4. Hi We are obviously at very early stage of deciding where we will go, but I am pushing the team because I want to drive thru Chernobyl, visit moscow and meet up with a friend in Iran hence why we are thinking of the route thru Georgia and Armenia. Big thing for us is fundraising for the vehicles at the moment so we will see how we go. Stay in touch we are starting to gain a bit of momentum. Cheers Jim
  5. Hi everyone, I have just recently found the site and love the idea and theme for the site, I am interested in going in the rally possibly in 2016, does anyone know a likely start date for that yet?? also is the rally suitable for some old dudes of 60 years old, we got plenty of get up and go and something like this would be great before everything decides it's already got up and gone. cheers jim