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  1. Magic in the air - a wonderful magic is accompanying us on this pre-adventure journey with help arriving on all sides.  The VERY BIG news is that we have found a van, it is in Holland and the lovely Eddy of Toad fame has told us it is a beauty, and from him this is praise indeed. Then Maarten, a Toyota dealer who is selling us the van, is so taken with our adventure that he offered to change the 'timing belt' at least I think that is what it is called, and give it such a service that it will never again need servicing - so amazingly kind. He wanted to be sure we would not experience any mechanical difficulties.  We were thrilled with this gesture and planned to go over to collect our new friend after Easter,then lo and behold the amazing Maarten offered to drive it to us!  This is just a snippet of the magic surrounding our journey - watch this space for magical happenings.

    1. Adventure Steve

      Adventure Steve

      Hi Mairin

      Thanks for your post. Congratulations on your new Van and I am sure you will have a wonderful adventure in her.

      Post up some pictures herewhen you can for other teams to see :)