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  1. Hi! ok thanks for your answer! Yes it's also possible to get a big green card in Austria, but it's very car insurance wants me to pay 300-400 euros for this extension card(and it would only cover turkey and Russia (even not Iran), so we will take for each country an insurance at the border! Greets Asterix
  2. Hey Guys, i have one question: These days I am thinking about car insurances during the Mongol Ralley and I cannot find good information on the web... I am thinking about to take the "Big green Insurance card" for this summer( to cover only Turkey, Iran, Russia), but this is very expensive ... Does anybody knows how much the car insurances cost when you take one at the border of these countires? We are passing: Turkey Iran Turkmenistan Usbekistan Kirgistan Tadjikistan Kasachstan Russia Mongolia If somebody has some helpful informations it would be great if you can help me. Thanks and Greetings from Austria
  3. Hey! Thanks a lot for this speedy answer Then I think there won't be a problem when we'll pass the Iran, even if we go to Isfahan. Greets Asterix
  4. Hey guys! I would like to ask you a qustion with my incredible english skills : On the internetpage of the austrian ministery of foreign affairs is a hint that says : "Gesperrte Gebiete für Touristen: Grenzstädte Westaserbaidschans". This means that the citys close to the border in "Westaserbaidschan" (western Region of Iran) are not open for Tourists....I tried to find information many times, but its very difficult to get some. For example the ministery of foreign affairs in Germany does not have such a hint, so i think that the information of the austrian government is maybe not so relevant. Maybe someone of you has a neeful information for me. Thanks to you and goodbye, Asterix of Austria