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  1. Hi, I have a swift VXI [Oct 2008] done 45000km. Off late the AC has gone weak. It has lost the cooling power to a considerable amount & the AC has to be run at 2/3 speed for cooling. Though i have not got the AC serviced till yet, the connecting problem is that the moment i switch on the AC, the car dies in terms of pick-up, acceleration, pulling power etc, it is really pain to see all those scooty's & activas outrunning me [No insult to them] when my AC is on.The car seems to heavy to pull itself from stop & even if i am upshifting while moving. Second, the brakes have gone dead slow, need to stand on the pedal to stop the car, i got the car serviced at 40,000km & the service guy just cleaned the brale assemnly & said the bralke pads are fine which i doubt looking at the performance. Any suggestions from the members is very much welcome. If the AC need to be serviced, please suggest me a good mechanic/ shop in bangalore [i stay in whitefield]. Would cleaning the radiator be of any help? Please help. I did not find the right solution from the Internet. References:- Infographic design animation company Thanks!