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  1. Are you sure you don't just want to drive to Mongolia? It sounds like you are on the right track. Get your visas sorted out in good time. The more work you put into sponsors etcf teh more you will get out. Lots of companies prefer to sponsor you with equipment rather than cash. Are you funding the trip yourselves or trying to raise moeny to cover the cost too? Local press are a good place to start. Having the vehicle already is a great bonus. Good luck.
  2. There is a topic in the old forums about fuel costs, and a sticky thread with a link to a breakdown of costs throughout hte world. You can read but not post. The old posts will eventually be transferred over here.
  3. loccom wrote: i found some of that page confusing too. i also asked how can you prove the past working history of a commercial vehicle? Even a transit you cannot do that unless it is an ambulance or something obvious like an RAC van. A plain vehicle would be hard unless you had flashing lights, cement splattered interior and a full ashtray. The answer is that if the vehcle qualifies anyway it doesn't matter. You only need proof if it would not otherwise qualify.
  4. AndymanOnFire wrote: [quote=archie] Yup. Damn. How would they qualify through other criteria? 4x4s (unless they qualify through another criterion) 4x4s qualify if They have a hybrid engine They have no back windows and only one row of seats (some defenders qualify, for instance) etc
  5. Yup. That way they can't be accused of being passenger vehicles.
  6. I'm going to send out an email about this tonight or tomorrow depending on whether i can get hold of the embassy today. The simple answer is that you should get them asap.
  7. Start now. You dont need a vehicle to get most visas. If you want to go through turkmenistan then you will have to have your Uzbek and Iranian visas sorted before giving your details to me. Full instructions to follow. The time taken depends on how much money you want to throw at it, and how much free time you have to hang around outside embassies.
  8. What!? No cable ties, only one roll of gaffa tape, white gloves.
  9. DG wrote: I think you can go a long way in reverse gear. We must use 3 wheelers for this DG wrote: Further than Steve gets with girls anyway, which admittedly, is not very far. steve uses reverse gear with the girls?!