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German Vehicles - International Cert for Motor Vehicles, CPD etc

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Hope I'm posting this in the most appropriate place!

Does anyone know how to, or if one can obtain the equivalent of an International Certificate for Motor Vehicles for a German registered and purchased in Germany?

As in the Germany equivalent of this:

I see on the German automobile club ADAC it’s possible to get a Carnet e Passage;

But I can’t see any info on anything like an International Certificate for Motor Vehicles.

I am presuming this document has to be obtained in the country where the vehicle is registered, and I presume the same is true of the CPD if necessary.

Our intention is to purchase a vehicle in Germany and keep it there until the Rally. Simply because I visit Germany often and have somewhere to keep the vehcile there.

Ryan already warned me of some potential pitfalls with taking a German registered vehicle as follows

“The problem the Germans had last year is that - in order to import a vehicle into Tajikistan, the authorities will keep these vehicle documents, whilst the German authorities require the documents in order to 'de-register' the vehicle. Obviously it is impossible for both governments to have the original documents!

Finally - one team tried to drive a German vehicle on the rally using 'export plates' last year - however they were turned back at the Russian and Ukrainian border.

So in summary, taking a German vehicle is a good idea, and very possible provided you are aware that upon arrival in Tajikistan the authorities will keep all the vehicle documents”

So it seems “Export Plates” are a bad idea, but equally just heading off down the road with the original documents is also going to result in a catch-22 with the German authorities once you leave the vehicle in Tajikistan. So, anyone know a way around this? J Or we simply give up and look for a LHD car in the UK?

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Hi Patrick!

I was on the German team last year, and we were unable to solve the problem with the documents. They even kept the license plates.

All I could do was work out a workaround with the German transport authorities and my insurance company:

I don't pay tax or insurance anymore, but the car is still registered in my name here. So if anyone ever tries to register that chassis number anywhere in the EU again, I might find myself in a bit of a pickle.

On the positive side, this "no tax" solution was no hassle at all. I was able to work it out at the desk in the registration office without having to call any higher officials.

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