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Adventure Steve

Making Kazakh cops look foolish

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Short story but when we left Aral in Kazakhstan, We were only 30 mins from Aral when we come to a checkpoint (there are many of these buggers) and we got pulled for not having lights on (lights have to remain on full time in most contries past Poland)

The hard faced cop was'nt happy with me and Dan kept saying how much trouble i was in LOL, I was thinking how I could get myself out of this. The cop asked me to come in to the office where there was another guy, probably the top guy at that checkpoint and he was sitting back in his chair with his feet up watching a black and white tv, his shirt was open with his "wife beater" vest and gold necklace. He looked tough too, certainly come across as "don't mess with me dude"

Dan and I thought that they were really gonna stitch us up, then a 3rd cop appeared and stood behind us, I was a bit nervous of that and my blimmin blackberry phone kept making noises which all 3 cops kept looking at my pockets which I prayed they did not wanna see the phone.

Now, things sorta changed when they viewed our passports, not my english one but Dan's australian one. I am not sure they knew what country it was from at that point so we were trying to explain which country dan was from. We played them a bit until the other cop thought he could play charades by shouting out "skippy" and hopping around the office.. we kept gee'ing him on to do it again, this was crazy as I think everyone did a little wee in their pants when we saw this hard faced cop making a complete tool of himself.

Next thing we know we were all shaking hands and being buddies.

Cops get bored and if you can make em laugh then you'll get away with murder.

If you find yourself in trouble, ask them if they like football... Most do... then mention manchester united.. I guarentee the next word will be Beckham, then a big grin!

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Ha! Must be something about Kazakhstan. We got stopped for speeding in a jeep that couldn't get above 55 miles per hour - they showed us the speed gun, read 190 km/h. We looked at it and started laughing, then invited the policeman to drive our car - he was more than happy to jump in to a crazy rally jeep, and off we went. When he realised that he couldn't break the speeding limit with his foot fully depressed on the accelerator pedal and going downhill, he gave up. We drove back to his squad car, shared some sweets, had a photo and went on our way. I'm sure they were after a bribe, but all they got were some Murray Mints! :)

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