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Adventure Steve

How to make Mongolian cops chase you

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Imagine this, the cop from Terminator 2 running after arnie swarzerneggar, in full stride... that bloke runs real fast.

Well so do Mongolian cops!

We were in UB trying to deliver and donate our van to Gohelp office. On the way we were at a very busy junction near the main square and there was a cop with a baton and a whistle directing traffic.

Eventually the cop whistled us through where we took a left turn... after we took the left turn we could hear the cop blowing his whistle like mad, and waving is batton, Dan asked me if I thought the cop was waving at us.. I said "Yeah, looks like he is and he aint happy" dan shrugged his shoulders and said "I aint stopping now" and sped up and about 100 yards turned right... we were both laughing as there was no way he could catch up with us... well... thats what we thought.

At the end of the road (300 yards) was a very busy road and was a traffic jam, we couldnt turn left... so we panicked a bit as we knew what we did was naughty... well 5 seconds later the cop ran down the road like the cop in terminator, caught up with us and went absolute nuts at us, ripped the keys from the ignition! I have never seen someone run that far and so fast like that.

While he was shouting and banging the door We just acted dumb, which is always the best way to act in front of cops, they have little patience.

As this was happening another rallier (Richard from Team nag Mongols) was walking by, we met with this rallier a few times since leaving London.. really strange coincidence as this was the 3rd run in since he got pulled by the same cop the day before, so he started giving the cop some verbal, and to be honest in England he would have been on the deck with handcuffs, but the mongolian cop kinda looked a bit worried and backed off.

The cop asked us to follow him up the road, (roachard was still giving him verbal all the way up the road, really in his face stuff) he allowed us to follow with our vehicle back to where he was originally directing the traffic, then started laying in to us. He was joined by another cop which was taking over the first cops shift.

They started asking for money, a fine.. we pretened we did not understand and by this point they were getting frsutrated.

As we were stuck there Richard from Team Nag Mongols went to get help from the go help office, 5 mins later this chap arrived, looking really cool and chilled, i have never seen someone walk so chilled as this guy, he spoke with the cops and all of a sudden the cops left, it was a cool experience.

So, once thing to remember, obey the law and don't let the cops chase you as they run like crazy!

Have a great time!

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