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Adventure Steve

Were they Bandits?

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We were traveling along the M32 in kazakhstan just before Aral, Don't be fooled by the road name, Its nowehere near a motorway, in fact the road doesnt exsist. More like a track for miles and miles of soft talcum power type dust.

We met up with another team (Nag Mongols) who were stuck on a sand bank, we happily helped them out. After about an hour the sun was starting to set, we really needed to camp up somewhere. We camped up on the soft dust that was scattered with thousands of ground squirrel burrows.

We had a good evening as we shared a meal with the Nag Mongols and then hit the sack absolutely shattered.

At about 5am we heard a truck pull up outside our tent and we heard voices. We decided not to go out and approach them as it seems they wanted fuel, and they needed it badly. We could hear them tapping our tanks, they could see that the next team were asleep in their ambulance and the bandits could literally see one of them in the cab not 12 feet away.

We were in the tent waiting to jump out if their was trouble.

They got back in their truck and left.

We inspected our ropes on the roof rack and they had cut all the strapping to take the fuel, but they realised the tanks were empty. Good job we never approached them as they had knives.

We had the last laugh as they ran out of fuel up the road and we drove past them laughing and left em choking on our dust.

Kazakhstan is a brilliant place as everything changes so often

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