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Moustaches Around the World

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As we got closer to Volgograd, the traffic increased and the GPS kept telling us we were an hour away from our destination... for hours. There comes a point when there’s no use in passing the truck in front of you because there are more cars and trucks in front of it. We noticed a convoy of watermelon trucks. The trucks had two square holes in the back and you could see the watermelons peeking out. We remembered that watermelons were supposed to be delicious in Astrakhan, so we promised to buy one before we left.

We approached a train crossing. People parked their cars and walked around so we did the same. The vehicle in front of us was one of the watermelon trucks. I got the bright idea to take one of the fake moustaches--I packed a lot for this trip, you know, just in case--and stick it on the watermelon looking outside the window of the truck. I figured the truck driver wouldn’t be able to see the very back of his truck, so I picked the curliest moustache from the pack, ran up, and stuck it on a watermelon.

I think the truck driver wouldn’t have noticed if I hadn’t gotten back out of the car and taken a picture of my handiwork. He noticed that I was taking a picture so he got out of his truck—he was a big, scary dude! He walked around the front and stared walking to the back of the truck. Aneel and I got nervous. He walked over to the first window, full of un-moustachioed watermelons, and ran his hand over them to make sure we hadn't vandalized them or anything. Then he walked over the second window. We held our breaths. He saw the moustache on the watermelon and he didn’t know what to make of it. He ran his hand over it and then turned around to look at us—Aneel and I were cracking up. I ran out of the car with my pack of moustaches and explained what I had done. He started laughing and motioned me towards the cab of the truck.

We walked over and he pulled out the other two guys in the cab so they could look at the watermelon. We all had a good laugh and I gave moustaches to everyone. One guy put his on upside down, so the ends curled up around his nose. Another put his moustache on his forearm. It turns out he liked my moustache better so we traded and I wore the one he had on his arm while he wore the one I had on my face. Some kids with buckets (for washing cars?) came by and I gave them moustaches as well. We took pictures and videos with the watermelons and moustaches and had a jolly time until the cars started moving again. About 30 minutes later, I passed the truck and we waved to each other, moustaches still on.

Just in case you were curious, the watermelon above was sporting "The Scoundrel."

The moustaches were pretty useful. Later, I handed them out in gas lines in Uzbekistan and at the end of the trip, the rest of the moustaches went to the kids at the book ger in Ulaan-Baatar.

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thats cool.. i would have chosen the bandit moustache!

Smarty one when in Kaz and where a grey suit as well :)

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