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hello Ciao!

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Hi all,

we are two italian mates that are looking for taking part to 2013 mongol rally. We are now choosing the car and we don't understand what is the best. We 'd like to buy latest Suzuki Jimny 1.3 4x4, is it good for the rules? It's over 1.2 but it's useful for Mongolian people and it's not too big.

Tell us if we can! We will choose the northern way Russia/kazakhistan, what do you think?

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Hi Shogun,

I am not a member of Go Help so my advice should be considered on a purely amatuer level but I thought that since you have not got a reply yet I would try to get the ball rolling with some answers...

first, I may be being a little pedantic here but your post mentions the Mongol Rally, which is a different event organised by the adventurists. Your reference to the 1.2 litre rule is, I think, from the Mongol Rally. Just wanted to check that you were in the right place ( this is a site for The Mongolia Rally)! Laughing

If you are then I'll reply with some information on vehicles.

Hope that helps!


Six Degrees of Procrastination

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Thanks Shogun! Thanks Alex!

Alex is right! This is the Mongolia Charity Rally site, run by UK charity Go Help. The event is the original charity event to Mongolia. The Mongol Rally is a profit making event run by a private limited company.

If you want further information on the Mongolia Charity Rally, please email for an information pack!

Thanks for supporting Charity Rallies!

Best regards,


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