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Ukraine - Best Avoided?

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Looking at putting a route together and quite liking this at the moment - thinking of making changes to avoid Ukraine and go through turkey/georgia and then into Russia . Any thoughts on this?



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Hi! Thanks for posting. A lot of teams on the Mongolia Charity Rally go the Southern route through Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, across the Caspian Sea from Baku to Turkmenbashi by ferry, then Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Southern Russia and into Mongolia. This tends to avoid double entry visas being necessary for Russia. Any questions just drop us a line!

The FCO currently advises as follows:

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) advise against all travel to:


Donetsk oblast

Lugansk oblast

The FCO advise against all but essential travel to:

Kharkiv oblast

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Hello guys,

We are in Ukraine and currently received some questions and participants from Mongolia Charity Rally come around to talk to us at the hostels.

The country in general is safe, except the Donbass area. You are not allowed at all to go over there since there are security checkpoints and Crimea it's also included on that area.

From here you can go Odessa and cross by ferry boat to Georgia (Batumi) or drive south to Turkey (expensive petrol) and pick your route. The road to Kharkov north to Belgorod is safe and no problems.

The rest of the country it's totally safe (Lviv, Kiev, Kamianets Podilsky, Odessa, DneproPetrovsk, Chernihiv), don't worry and petrol it's cheap, less than 1 USD. Food, drinks, accommodation it's also very cheap and decent quality.

If you get in touch with a few hostels from Kiev and Lviv you might be able to get deals and help fixing and finding car parts if already needed.

Get in touch if you need any help around Ukraine ! (kievcentralstation hostel and tiuhostels)


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