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I'm looking for some 2016 rallymates!

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Hello all!

I have been wanting to do the Mongolia Charity Rally for several years now, and I've finally decided 2016 will be the year I do it! I realize this thread is a bit early since registration does not start for a couple more months, but I want to get a head start on planning and recruiting team members. It does not matter to me if you have any skills with car repair, languages, etc; I'm just looking for two to three fellow eager adventurers to join the team and set out on a journey to Mongolia!

**Requirements for joining the team:**

1. Be adventurous and open! This is pretty self explanatory, but seriously--if you have any doubts about whether you would enjoy something as insane as the Rally, this might not be for you.

2. Be willing to pitch in and help support the team financially. In my opinion the total cost should be split evenly among all team members. For a team of three to four, I'd imagine each person should expect to pay £1500. Ideally I'd like to keep costs lower than this, but keep in mind that £1.5K is a *rough estimate* at best.

3. It's necessary that we meet up several times ahead of the Rally--both to get to know one another and to discuss planning. Since the Rally starts in London, I think it would be the most convenient if all team members live in or near the British Isles. I myself will be attending university in Scotland and thus should be able to meet up anywhere in the UK at least once or twice ahead of time.

4. Finally, it would clearly be in everyone's best interest if we all got along. Thus, I'm including some factoids about myself so that you can get a bit of a look into who I am and whether you'd like to join the team or not:

**Information about myself:**

I'm a 17 year old male (18 at the time of the Rally) from the US, and I'll be studying Economics and Russian at the University of St Andrews starting in September. I also love statistics and messing around with data in general.

I have a passion for ballet, and have been dancing for four or five years now. At one point I spent around six hours every day at my studio, though now I mostly just dance for fun. I speak Russian as a result of the ballet, so that is a plus for the Mongolia Charity Rally.

I also (clearly) love to move around and experience new cultures, and have moved over ten times in my life. Mongolia has fascinated me for a while now. I've even taught myself some khoomei (throat singing), and tried to learn how to play morin khuur (horse fiddle). I'm no good at either, but that's fine.

Well, that's all I can think of for now. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

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Thanks for posting! Just tweeted this and shared it on our Facebook fan page to help you find some team-mates. Good luck!

Thanks for supporting Charity Rallies!

Best regards,


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Hello Fellow Ralliers i am Ankit 32 male from India so far i am a solo traveler haven't registered yet but i am firm on doing this rally so i am inviting people to form a team with me or add me in you existing team

i have no previous rally experience not good with mechanics but i am committed to do the mongol rally 2016 i can be add on to the group as i am active and looking out to do this rally from past one and half years i would like to take the southern route as i fancy visiting Croatia , Montenegro , Macedonia , turkey , Georgia , azerbaijan , iran or turkmenistan ( i donot mind skipping Iran) Tajikistan and pamir , kyrgyztan , kazakhastan , uzbekistan , specially samarkand and bukhara , russia mongoia.
my time line is 5 to 6 weeks i would like to explore different destinations while travelling.
ideal time for me to start the visa process would be first week of january for me.
if you are interested in joining me as a fellow team mate pm me or comment on this or mail me at

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Hi Elencus. I'm a student studying engineering in the UK now. Really hope i can join your adventure, is there any empty seat left?

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