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Adventure Steve

Past Ralliers: List The Places You Visited

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Help us build the Ultimate Guide to Mongolia

If you have ever participated in the Mongolia Charity Rally or any other rally to Mongolia then we need your help. We are trying to put together all the places to visit on route to Mongolia. We would love to have a guide of all the places to see and do, whether it's visiting the salt mines on Poland or firing a bazooka in the shooting ranges in Russia. We need your help!

So for example, if you visited the Church of Bones in Czech Republic, then add it to your list in the following fashion and so on...

Place Name: Church Of Bones (Sedlec Ossuary)
Town/City: Zámecká, 284 03 Kutná Hora
Country: Czech Republic
Google Map Link
Whats good about it?
It's a small church that is decorated with bones and skulls. Quite a weird place but definitely worth a visit.



If any past ralliers could be so kind to post their past visits then we would be most grateful.

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Place Name: Auschwitz concentration camp
Town/City: Oświęcim
Country: Poland
Google Map Link
Whats good about it? 
I was surprised actually how big this places was, literally building after building, and definatley an eye opener. Very sad too. But it really makes you understand the whole history of Auschwitz and it's horrors. As the places is so big I recommend at least 4 - 6 hours of time. Entry is free (well was in 2009) but guided tours are charged. Take water with you, gets hot in the summer.



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