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Adventure Steve

Just completed the 2016 Mongolia Charity Rally

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We have just completed the rally. I think we were the 2nd team to complete this year as we were early due to time constraints.

The rally was excellent, this is the 2nd time i have done this so brought back good memories.

Some things we did this time that saved a load of hassle and time and I thought I would share these.

1. Book your hotel ahead of each other. We used as they list some hotels do not require a credit card, so if you get stuck then you won't lose money on your booking. At the same time check for Secure Parking, WiFi (so u can book next nights hotel) and 24hr reception if you think you will be late. By booking these hotels ahead yourself it will save you a horrible job trying to look for a hotel when your tired. You'll enjoy the rally more.

2. Google maps, cache your next city on google maps. Make sure you pin point your hotel.

3. When going through Mongolia, you will have a Central Route and a Southern route. Central route just Skims the Gobi and more scenic, and the southern route goes through the Gobi, but half of it is Tarmac. Central route is more direct. We went thr southern route and you still get a fair share of off-roading (about 1.5 - 2 days worth)

Tarmac roads are not as bad as it seems (for the hardcore lot) you'll get to enjoy the scenery more rather than spend time looking for pot-holes.

Any questions please send me an email at

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