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Where to begin? Advice & Wisdom please (:

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Hi everyone, I've been thinking about doing this rally for a couple of years now and would finally like to take a step towards actually making it happen. I guess I'm a bit overwhelmed about where to start preparations and was hoping to get some advice. I have ZERO knowledge of cars/mechanics etc and no team (I'm not in a rush to go- would be thinking the 2018 rally rather than the 2017 one as I think I've got a bit of prep to do, let's call it a long term goal) Any words of advice would be appreciated! Thanks, Thea.

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Welcome Thea and thanks for posting.

You're in the right hands here. I recently did the rally again this year and loved it. It was a bit different to when i did it in 2009, Mongolia changes all the time.

Are you UK based Thea? Only reason would be to help you find a team.

First place to start is to find someone, you can post a post here, but also ask friends and family to join you. Once you have someone who will commit (you need to seriously point out that you need commitment) and then build a team name for yourselves.

Next is to read all about the rally using the rally guides

Read the guides regarding vehicle. Now if you could join a team then this may not be an issue. Don't worry about mechanical side of things, many who go don't know much about cars either.

Sign yourself up to the rally. 

If you were joining a team with a vehicle then you could easily do 2017, simply take a bag and hit the road.

I will happily answer any of your questions here, so please do ask.. ask anything.


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